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Sept. 22, 2012 photo gallery

Please see added links at bottom of page; additions include reunion photos on sites from Elissa Bass and Marcia Allen.

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The gathering on Saturday, September 22, at Ruth and Milt Bass's residence in Richmond, Massachusetts, has been deemed a huge success. Three generations of Allen/Munson cousins from all across the country. Some new faces and names to learn. Clever name tags to keep everyone sorted. Lots of laughter. Known (and previously unknown) trivia and family history shared. Cameras clicking right and left. Heaps of delicious food. Aunt Hattie's iris tubers shared. More noise and chatter than some could credit, given the oft-noted taciturn gene in the Allen makeup. Kids picking apples and playing warcraft games. Photo notebooks shared and identifications made for heritage photos (see INTERNAL LINKS below). And the rain held off!

ATTENDANCE (49) included:

  • Mary's family: Kenneth and Winnifred Starbard; Eric, Evan, and Eliot Starbard.
  • Len's family: Owen and Candy Allen; Debbie Allen with daughters Kimberly and Erin; Eric and Scott Allen.
  • Ralph's family: Sara Allen; John Allen; Nancy and Hannah Miller.
  • Hilda's family: George Haskins; Steven and son Justin Haskins; Ruth and Milt Bass; Janet Mandaville; Amy Bass and Hannah Klupt; Elissa Bass and Joe Wojtas with Summer and Max Wojtas; Michael Bass with daughter Emily; Alison Mandaville.
  • Fred's family: Polly Allen; Marcia Allen.
  • Jean's family: Alfred Wilson and Judy Jordan.
  • Ray's family: Kay Allen/Shannon Burke; Si Allen/Lindsay Robbins; Larry/Alice Allen; Rip Allen and son Shayne; Joan/Gerry Papazian; Jan Kiphart with daughters Courtney and Kayla; Sue Allen.

In appreciation to the Basses for hosting the event, the cousins presented them with gift certificates related to their passion for gardening and also made a $150 donation to the Mabel Munson Allen Scholarship Fund administered by the Thomas Munson Foundation.

To the Allen/Munson clan: We loved having you, were excited about the number who came and the weather, and were relieved that, with Hannah's help, we eventually moved you out of the parking field! Love to all, Milt and Ruthie

Marcia and Kay Allen informally surveyed participants eliciting enthusiastic support for another reunion in 2014. Evan Starbard volunteered to be the host.

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

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2012 Reunion Photo Gallery

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Alfred Wilson and Judy Jordan have provided details of the various cemeteries in the family's heritage.

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